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Allies In Pride | Caffeine Free Herbal Tea | 1 Oz.
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Celebrate pride month with this colorful and delicious loose leaf tea blend! It has nine ingredients that represent the seven colors of the rainbow and offer various health benefits

- Cherry: This red fruit adds a sweet and tart flavor to your tea, as well as some antioxidants and vitamin C.

- Hibiscus : creates a deep pink infusion and a tart flavor, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

- Orange peel: This orange ingredient gives your tea a citrusy aroma and taste, and also helps boost your immune system and digestion.

- Lemon balm: This yellow herb has a lemony flavor and a calming effect on your mood and nerves. It can also help with insomnia and anxiety.

- Pineapple: brings a tropical touch and a burst of yellow, supports immune system and inflammation

- Lime: This green fruit adds a zesty and refreshing touch to your tea, and also provides vitamin C and flavonoids that can fight infections and inflammation.

- Butterfly pea flower: This blue flower changes color depending on the pH level of your tea. It can turn from blue to purple or pink when you add lemon or lime juice. It also has antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

- Blueberry: This indigo berry adds a juicy and fruity flavor to your tea, as well as anthocyanins that can protect your brain and eyesight.

- Blue lotus: This violet flower has a mild and floral flavor and a relaxing effect on your mind and body. It can also enhance your dreams and creativity.

- Enjoy this rainbow tea hot or cold, with or without sweetener, and feel the pride in every sip!

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