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Oshun's Brew
Ọṣun, is an Orisha, a spirit, a deity, or a goddess that reflects one of the manifestations of the Yorùbá Supreme Being in the Ifá oral tradition and Yoruba-based religions of West Africa. She is one of the most popular and venerated Orishas. Oshun is an important river deity among the Yorùbá people. She is the goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty and love. She is connected to destiny and divination.

She is highly feminine and creative, sensual and abundant and beautiful and wise. Her energy is so powerful that other traditions, such as pagan, Wiccan, and the goddess spiritual traditions, revere her.

Ingredients: South African Honeybush, Chamomile, Lily, Hibiscus, Genmaicha, Banana, Papaya, Coconut, Dates, Raisin and Pineapple

Aids in collagen production and provides a full serving of fruit.

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