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Wholesale Herbs

A collection of quick prepackaged food grade organic herb bundles that are ready for you to sell in your shop!

Herb Kits Ready to be sold in your Shop!

More people are becoming aware of the power of herbs every day. With these themed bundles of herbs, we take the hard part out of offering organic herbs in your shop.

We only offer food grade, organic, kosher certified and pesticide free herbs in our bundles, so you can be assured in the fact that you are offering a high quality product to your customers.

These kits can be used in both magical workings and teas, or a combination of the two. You could consider offering these small kits as a DIY tea making kit as well. Each bundle is made of herbs that complement each other in taste, as well as purpose.

Have some fun with naming the product whatever you like.

So Much Potential!

Because our herbs are organic, your choice in how to offer them are countless. It can be a magical kit for spell work, tea kit, incense, potpourri, added to a bath, paired with information cards and included as part of a gift set...

... I could go on and on! The idea of how to use them is completely up to you, but I have named each bundle according to how they could be used, for ease of finding them.

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Small Self Love Herb Kits - 10 Kits

10 separate small herb kits. Each kit includes 5 common herbs packed in 2x2 inch ziploc bags. 

Self Love
These kits were designed with herbs that induce self love when use in spell work or in tea meditations. 

Herbs in each kit include:
  • Hibiscus - Promotes beauty and great for skin
  • Rosehips - The heart of a rose, used universally for love magic, self love and beauty treatments.
  • Chamomile - Excellent for stress relief, promoting confidence in self, and beauty
  • Lavender - Calms the body and mind, promotes good feelings, stimulates the dream center of the brain
  • Rosemary - helps to stimulate memory, helps usher in forgiveness for self, promotes wealth, banishes negative energy
Herbs are packaged separately and only labeled with the herb name on the outer packaging.
You are free to label and package each item with your own branding and labels as you wish.

Sleep and Dream Herbs | Glass Bottle Kits

10 separate small herb kits. Each kit includes 4 herbs packed in small 15 ml glass vials. 

Sleep and Dream
These kits were designed to induce deep sleep and help to activate dream recall. Herbs can be used separately or in any combination for teas, incense or spiritual use. 

Herbs in each kit include:

Blue Lotus - Induces Lucid Dreaming
Chamomile - Helps you stay asleep 
Valerian Root - Relaxes the body and brain to help reduce stress
Lavender - helps induce calm and helps you fall asleep