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Pink Pepper Magical Properties (NOTE: CASHEW FAMILY = TREE NUT ALLERGEN)
It’s from the Peruvian pepper tree or Brazilian pepper tree, totally different from black pepper plants. In addition, it is in the cashew family so those with a tree nut allergy should avoid use. Pink pepper holds all the magick of black pepper with the added properties of the protection of self love, femininity, and friendship.

Are pink peppercorns pepper?
Despite their name, pink peppercorns are not real pepper. They are members of the cashew family, which is not closely related to black pepper (Piper nigrum) or sweet and chili peppers (Capsicum annuum). They come from the Peruvian peppertree, which is only given that name because its berries resemble peppercorn. The tree grows as an invasive species in California, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, and Hawaii. Primarily for decorative landscaping, not as a food source. Pink and red peppercorns are the same thing. They’re referred to as red less often.

Taste and uses
What pink peppercorn tastes like is similar to regular black pepper, but they’re less sharp and have a subtle sweetness. A light citrus flavor with a rose-like aroma. In spite of their redness, they’re not spicy hot like cayenne or chili. Unlike black peppercorns which require grinding or soaking, the pink or red peppercorn berries are softer and can be eaten whole with minimal chewing.

May lower blood sugar
In traditional medicine practices of South America, the pink peppercorn are one of the plants used for diabetes.
Modern science suggests this benefit might be legit, based on the alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activities seen in the lab with them. If that’s occurring in humans, it would be slowing down the digestion of carbs/sugars.
For recipes where you want a dispersed flavor, it’s best to crush them with a knife or spice grinder. Using a regular pepper grinder doesn’t work so well; if filled with 100% pink, the berry skins can break apart and clog it up.

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