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The Period Snack Box

1 review
The Period Box is a delicious mix of herbal teas that target several issues that arise during a woman's time of the month. After polling over 100 women, I believe that we have chosen some snacks that almost everyone can enjoy.

There are 4 herbal teas:
  • Purple Ether, which targets menstrual cramp pain
  • Goddess Cleanse, which will reduce bloating and help you poop
  • The Glow Up, which targets acne and improves skin
  • Butterfly Punch, which increases energy and libido (Best for After your cycle)
Also included are:
  • One tin of Seamoss Bath Salts infused with a pain relieving oil blend of pepper, ginger and hemp.
  • A set of reusable teabags
  • An assortment of treats including sweet, salty, crunchy and fruity
  • Snacks will vary with each box
  • Be sure to fill out the questionnaire at checkout to address any allergies or dietary restriction

Customer Reviews

Alicia T.

2 months ago

Perfect gift for yourself or someone else

The teas were delicious, and the Purple Ether especially did the trick to knock out a lot of cramping pain! The bath salt was divine. My box came with popcorn, Oreos, Snickers, Reese Cups and Twix!
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