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Aja's Brew | Goddess Teas | 1 Oz

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Aja's Brew
Goddess teas are only available as loose leaf and in one size. 

Aja also goes by the name "Wild Wind" is the Orisha of the forest and all animals living within it. She also holds the knowledge of potions and herbal medicines and passes on that knowledge through the Yoruba culture. Aja is considered one of the rarest Earth Gods because she reveals herself to humans and not to harm or scare them.

In her forests she would find plants with medicinal properties and mix the herbs and roots and other plant parts together to find cures for the sick. Aja shared much of her knowledge with humans waiting for someone to come and find her to share it with. This person was usually a shaman in training, or someone of the like.

Medium Caffeine Leve

Ingredients: White Tea, Pomegranate, Apple, Strawberry, Cornflower, Safflower, Rose and Calendula

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