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It started with a bag of Hibiscus...

I have always loved warm drinks, both coffee and tea. In my youth, a cup of tea was nothing more than grabbing a bag of something store bought, zapping some water and dunking the bag. I had no idea of the benefits of tea. I had no idea what herb would be good for specific ailments or ills.

That all changed 25+ years ago, when I walked into a health food store and found a bag of organicĀ Hibiscus.

The color was amazing! The smell was intoxicating. The health benefits were numerous! I had to try this flower. I added Hibiscus to every bagged tea I owned and started seeking out more and more!

Before long, I was creating my own flavors and custom blends for those close to me. This journey has been a strange one, but one I wouldn't change a day of.

It still humbles me, every day, that people purchase and enjoy my products. For that, I am forever grateful.