About The Maker

Hello Loves!

I'm Evonne.

I am the owner, creator and designer of all of the products in this store. I am a solo entrepreneur. Often, I use the term "We" when I am describing a product or speaking about a new service that I may offer. I do this because, while I work alone, I do not do this alone. I have a small army of beautiful souls, that I am happy to call both clients and friends, that have helped me in many ways over the years. They help help me name products, test products, suggest new things for me to make, send me awesome photographs and videos that I use all over the website and social media. 

So, because of this, I will speak in plurals from time to time. I will always acknowledge my Brew Crew. If you'd like to get in on the fun, join us on our social media network! Lady Slings The Brews Online.

I have been studying herbology, holistic medicine, naturopathy, aromatherapy and their connections to spirituality for over twenty years. I have finally decided to bring that knowledge to you, in the form of organic teas, chemical free medicines, herbal blends, luxurious bath products and information.

I love you and I thank you for shopping with me.

You can find me posting regularly with updates in our Facebook Group