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Purple Leaf Tulsi| Holy Basil

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Organic Purple Leaf Tulsi Tea

While we use many ingredients to craft our blends, our staple tea leaf is Holy Basil or Tulsi Tea leaves, which offers a subtle spicy note to our teas.

  • The benefits of Holy Basil include:
  • Use its fresh flowers for bronchitis.
  • Use the leaves and seeds, with black pepper, for malaria.
  • Use the whole plant for diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Use the pill and ointment form for eczema.
  • Use an alcohol extract for stomach ulcers and eye diseases.
  • Use an essential oil made from the leaves for insect bites.

Many studies support the use of the entire plant of holy basil for human use and its therapeutic value. The nutritional value is also high, as it contains:

vitamin A and C