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Lady Slings The Brews

Spiritual Space Clearing Spray

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Safe for use on skin. 

4 Oz Spray Bottle

Herb and crystal infused space clearing spray. 

Each bottle is infused with our own homegrown rosemary, sage and lavender. The rosemary leaves are left in the spray bottles for and extra boost to your cleansing. 

Made with 100 proof grain alcohol, distilled water, blue sage oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, ylang-ylang oil and vitamin E oil. 

Each bottle also has a Blue Agate crystal chip inside! Blue Agate comes with a lot of metaphysical properties. Its soft energy can bring peace of mind. It is also calming and cooling. This stone is perfect to use to heal the throat chakra. It even helps in almost all forms of communication. Therefore, it helps you communicate with fellow humans as well as celestial beings and other realms.

Blue Agate is also a supportive crystal to emotional and mental health. Its gentle vibrations are feminine and maternal in nature. they will also calm your feelings and soothe your fears when you start to feel uneasy.

Aside from the throat chakra, you can also use Blue Agate on the Third Eye chakra in order to soothe overactive minds and still someone else’s thoughts. The brow chakra or third eye is the center of command and perception. It will direct your sight as well as day-to-day awareness of the world. Also, our awareness is located in this chakra.