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Voodoo Doll Kit| Sympathetic Magic| Poppet| Self Love Doll

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Make your own Voodoo Doll with this amazing kit! 

Included in the kit is a felt doll body +2 sides),  felt heart, a sewing kit, rice paper for your spell or intention, cotton filler and either lavender or rose petals. 


Sympathetic magic. magic predicated on the belief that one thing or event can affect another at a distance as a consequence of a sympathetic connection between them. Simply put, it means performing an action in the hope of affecting the actions and condition of someone or something else. 

Sympathetic magic (or magick) is based on the principle of like attracting like. There is also some scientific thought that related particles in the universe can affect each other however far apart they are. These particles can be linked by thought alone. It’s far-fetched indeed, but people have been using such magick for thousands of years.

There are some theories that prehistoric cave art may represent the earliest documented examples of sympathetic magic. If, for instance, a tribe’s shaman wanted to ensure a successful hunt, he might paint images of the hunting group killing an animal that could later be consumed by the whole tribe.