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About Wholesale Bundles

Each bundle type is separated into categories. We offer several different packages and sizes. Be sure to read the full description of each bundle to be sure to know exactly what you are getting.

In some cases, you will need to answer questions to choose your recipe for your chosen bundle at checkout.

Unlabeled or "White Label" products are free to be named and branded any way that you like. The bundles with these permissions are named "White Label" and reflect a different cost.

Products that are labeled with Lady Slings The Brews branding must be sold with that branding intact. Purchasing one of the branded bundles is your agreement to sell our teas under our name. (Lady Slings The Brews) If we discover that you have repackaged our products, we will block your customer account, we will report you to several blacklist groups, you will not be allowed to order wholesale from us again, and all future orders will be cancelled on all of our selling platforms.

Wholesale Bath Salts

Fill your shop quickly and easily! Let us make you a fresh bath salt bundle and have in your hands within the month!

We ship all wholesale orders within 14 days of the order being placed, not counting any federal holidays or inclement weather.

Custom orders may take up to 21 days to ship.

Wholesale Herbs

Small, prepackaged herb kits with no labeling or branding. Perfect small little kits to fill up your shop shelves.

Wholesale Tea

Wholesale tea bundles to fill your shop with product fast!

Choose a flavor package and size and be on your way to selling handmade teas in your shop!

Our bundles are offered in categories according to their flavor profile.

Check back often, as this section will change according to season and availability.

Custom bundles can be made upon request.