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Propserity Tea

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Prosperity| Money and Luck Attraction Herbal Tea

Available only in 1/2 Oz Loose Leaf

This herbal tea was blended for maximum wealth, money and luck attraction and the health to enjoy it. Each ingredient was included for their specific properties, flavor and health benefits. Steep for 4-7 minutes. 

Green tea draws wealth and good health

Bergamot draws money

Lemongrass allows you to open your mind to psychic gifts and acceptance 

Lavender calms you and allows you to relax for your spell

Rosemary draws luck and prosperity

Holy Basil draws good fortune

Peppermint draws wealth and prosperity

Violet draws money

Rose draws money and luck

Orange Peel draws money, luck, and self love

Elderberry draws money and prosperity, and good health'

Elderflower draws money, prosperity, luck and good health

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